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Blitz Version Instructions: This MoneyQuiz has 24 Questions split into 3 Sections with 8 Questions each and takes around 1 minute to complete. It's not as accurate as the Short or Full version, but it'll give you a good overview of the Money Archetypes, present in your life.

Short Version Instructions: This MoneyQuiz has 56 Questions split into 7 Sections with 8 Questions each and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. This Quiz offers a good balance between the time taken to complete it and the robustness of the results.

Full Version Instructions: This MoneyQuiz has 112 Questions split into 7 Sections with 16 Questions each and takes just under 10 minutes to complete. This is the most comprehensive version of the Quiz. It will provide you with an accurate assessment and a solid framework for any follow-up questions you may have.

Classic Version Instructions: This is the Classic Money Institute Quiz.

Section 1: How would you describe your current state?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Always takes care of others.

Example: Let me take care of that for you

Definition: Always seeks to be in charge of every situation and can be manipulative to do so.

Example: Let's do it my way

Definition: Behaves in a very controlled way and makes considered decisions.

Example: I want the new iPad but I'll need to save up before I can buy it

Definition: In tune with oneself and certain of who they are.

Example: I am exactly where I want to be in life

Financially irresponsible
Definition: Doesn't think about the consequences of spending or giving away money.

Example: I just keep going until I max out my credit card each month

Definition: Accepting of what happens without feeling the need to plan or drive situtations forward.

Example: Something will turn up

Definition: Acts suddenly without planning or considering the consequences of those actions.

Example: Don't bother me with details - let's just go!

Internally Motivated
Definition: Driven and goal oriented without needing to be pushed.

Example: Let's just get on and do this

Lives in past
Definition: Has suffered in the past and cannot let go of the memories.

Example: I've never had enough money

Living the high-life
Definition: Buys expensive things even if in secret.

Example: I only ever wear Lacoste

Definition: Believes that having money and possessions important and will result in happiness.

Example: I've GOT to have the new iPad

Definition: Not acting to influence or change a situation; allowing other people to be in control.

Example: I just like a quiet life

Definition: Wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible.

Example: That picture on the wall is crooked and I need to straigten it

Definition: Is able to influence other people and their actions.

Example: I've done this many times before. Let me show you how.

Definition: Feels helpless and compelled to follow the lead of others.

Example: I can't change because others won't let me

Definition: Free from the opinions of others and to live their own life..

Example: I can make my own decisions


Section 2: How do you see the world?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Blaming others
Definition: Believe that someone else is to blame for this situation, not me.

Example: I'd be better of if it weren't for my run of bad luck

Definition: Considers every possible consequence of actions and avoids risks.

Example: Have we considered all the angles?

Definition: Believes in themselves and takes positive action without worrying about how others will react.

Example: I can do this

Definition: Self aware and alert to the world around them.

Example: I am here, in this moment and aware of what is going on

Definition: Always seeks to be in charge of every situation and can be manipulative to do so.

Example: Let's do it my way

I can have it all
Definition: Pursues their own desires and will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Example: I'm going to be a billionare and nothing can stop me

Lives for today
Definition: Doesn't think about the future.

Example: Life's too short to worry about bills

Definition: Unable to be in the present and enjoy the 'now'.

Example: Nothing good ever happens to me

Looking for security
Definition: Wants to feel safe and secure so won't take risks.

Example: I'll wait until I can be 100% sure it will work out okay

Looking to be rescued
Definition: Waiting to be bailed out out of a difficult situation, whether that is finanacial, practical or emotional.

Example: I can't do this for myself - will you do it for me?

Definition: Always there for loved ones and others.

Example: I'm here for you. If oyu need me, just call.

Definition: Bullying and unfair, using their power to get their own way..

Example: If you don't do it my way, I'll leave

Definition: Full of hope and can see the good in any situation, even when there are challenges.

Example: We will find a solution to this challenge

Definition: Lives alone and avoids going outside or talking to other people.

Example: I hate noisy bars. I'd rather stay at home with a good book.

Seeks the truth
Definition: Open to other people's opinions and interested to learn other perspectives.

Example: What do you think? Tell me more.

Definition: Feels that they have to do everything by themself without others contributing their fair share.

Example: No one ever puts me first


Section 3: How do you tend to act by default?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Worried and nervous.

Example: But what if something goes wrong

Definition: Not taking or showing enough care and attention.

Example: I know I had €100 this morning but I can't think where it has all gone.

Definition: Producing or using original and unusual ideas.

Example: I've got a whacky idea - let's hold the meeting in the park

Definition: Goes with the flow and is flexible.

Example: I'm happy with either option - they are both good

Getting your own way
Definition: Manipulative.

Example: Let's see the film I want to watch this week and do what you want another time.

Definition: Unable to make decisions.

Example: I could buy that new dress, but I'm not sure

Definition: Won't ask for help.

Example: I'm fine. I don't need your help

Definition: Quick to criticize themselves and others.

Example: I don't like that shirt he's wearing

Definition: Keeps repeating the same actions over and over again.

Example: I have to have the new porcelien dolls that has just come out. I've got all the others

Definition: Shows an unwillingness to be helpful or friendly, without being openly challenging.

Example: Why are you getting so upset? I was only joking

Prone to blame
Definition: Sees everything as someone else's fault.

Example: You've ruined it

Definition: Unconcerned about the risks and consequences of their action.

Example: I'll put all my money on 20-black

Definition: Always seeks to help others out from a difficult situaton, often to their own detriment.

Example: Here's €100. That will sort you out

Definition: Reluctant to accept something, especially changes or new ideas.

Example: Why do we need to change - I like things as they are

Definition: Skilled at solving problems and acting independently.

Example: I can get it done

Definition: Puts their own needs last.

Example: I can't go out. I'm taking the neighbours dog to the park


Section 4: How do you relate and engage with others?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Considers all sides or opinions equally.

Example: I think Bob and Sue both have valid points to make

Blaming others
Definition: Believe that someone else is to blame for this situation, not me.

Example: I'd be better of if it weren't for my run of bad luck

Definition: Works well with others and loves to be in a team.

Example: Let's work on this together

Definition: Always seeks to be in charge of every situation and can be manipulative to do so.

Example: Let's do it my way

Definition: Unworldly and unconcerned about what is going on around them.

Example: Sorry, what did you say?

Definition: Excitable and ready to jump into action.

Example: This is so exciting. I just can't wait to get started

Definition: Always willing to give to others and gets pleasure from doing so.

Example: Let's see how I can make this easier for you

Definition: Gives aid or assistance willingly and is of service to others.

Example: Here, let me help you

Highly critical
Definition: Quick to mentioned where something is wrong or does not please them.

Example: This report isn't good enough. You'll have to do the whole thing again.

Definition: Seeks to control other people or circumstances to their advantage.

Example: Can I borrow your homework?

Definition: Avoids getting involved in disagreements.

Example: Let's share all our different ideas and see if we can reach a comprmise

Often alone
Definition: Likes their own company.

Example: You'll usually find me in the kitchen at parties

Overly generous
Definition: Willing to give more money, help, kindness, than is usual or expected.

Example: Make a donation for your charity? Sure. How about €1000

Definition: Hides their feelings, thoughts, intentions, and actions from other people.

Example: I don't want anyone to know that I blew our savings on a new dress

Definition: Always believes that other people are good or honest and will not harm or deceive.

Example: I don't need it in wirting - your word is enough for me.

Definition: Not willing to forgive people for things they do wrong.

Example: How could you have lost my favourite shirt


Section 5: Which emotions do you feel most often?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Loves a gamble and to take risks.

Example: I love a challenge

Definition: Has strong feelings against other people or circumstances and wanting to fight them.

Example: I'm so annoyed with him for upsetting Sophie

Definition: Seeks to control situations for their own advantage and thinks ahead to ensure this happens.

Example: How can I manage this so that I come out the winner?

Definition: Cares deeply for others and wants to see everyone living a good life..

Example: I am so happy for you that you are following your dream

Definition: Cannot choose between different ideas,feelings, or beliefs, and do not know what to do or believe.

Example: I don't know what to think

Definition: Goal orientated with lots of focus and energy to achieve goals.

Example: I'm planning to create the world's best sushi company

Definition: Frightened or worried about something.

Example: I can't buy that - what if my husband doesn't approve

Feels betrayed
Definition: Unable to trust others or let go of past events.

Example: I can't forgive my partner for cheating on me

Fixed in your ideas
Definition: Believes they are always right.

Example: I'm doing it my way

Highly emotional
Definition: Feels all emotions very intensly and can swing between them quite rapidly.

Example: I am SOOOOO upset

Definition: Feels there is no possiblity of a good outcome in the future.

Example: There isn't much point in applying for that job - I neer get chosen

Knowing your feelings
Definition: In tune with themselves.

Example: I'm feeling a bit down right now - but that's okay.

Love/Hate Relationship
Definition: Fnds it difficult to be in the material world.

Example: I can't make money with my work - no one would pay for it

Definition: Allows themselve to have too much of something enjoyable, sometimes beyond the point of pleasure.

Example: I wish I hadn't eaten the whole tub of ice-cream

Definition: Allows feelings to swamp and distract them.

Example: I can't think - there is just so much to do

Definition: Feels angry because they have been forced to accept someone or something that they do not like.

Example: I always come second to your job


Section 6: How do you see yourself?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Seeks to control situations for their own advantage and thinks ahead to ensure this happens.

Example: How can I manage this so that I come out the winner?

Definition: Seldom takes makes care or gives attention to others.

Example: I know I had €100 this morning but I can't think where it has all gone.

Cup is overflowing
Definition: Extremely optismstic and feels that life is good.

Example: I love my life

Definition: Able to assess and evaluate an opportunity and make good decisions about it.

Example: I've weighed up the pors and cons and this is what I have decided

Definition: Is so convinced of their own failings that they invite their repetition.

Example: Nothing will ever get any better in my life

Definition: Unable to find satisfaction or pleasure in anything - be that money or posessions.

Example: There is nothing good going on in my life

Financially successful
Definition: Is achieving the financial results wanted or hoped for.

Example: We have all we need and I know my family's future is secure

Definition: Acts without expecting compensation.

Example: Here, let me help you

Guided by Faith
Definition: Has great trust or confidence in something or someone.

Example: The universe will find an answer

Definition: Believes that having money and possessions unimportant and that happiness comes from other things.

Example: Money is the root of all evils

Out of control
Definition: Feels that they are unable to influence their circumstances and have to respond to others.

Example: I don't know which problem to tackle next

Definition: See this as their lot in life and that nothing will change for the better.

Example: This is my lot in life

Definition: Doesn't want to express their feelings and beliefs to themselves or others.

Example: Nothing is the matter

Self aware
Definition: Understands oneself.

Example: I know that I a at my most productive first thing n the morning

Self sacrificing
Definition: Puts their own needs last.

Example: I gave up work to take care of my family

Definition: Holds deep feelings and beliefs, which may either be religious or come from nature or from within themselves.

Example: There is a reason for everything


Section 7: Things you know to be true about yourself?

Key PhraseNeverSeldomSometimesMostlyAlways
Definition: Forms habits quickly but then finds them very hard to break.

Example: I've just GOT to have chocolate

Definition: Is consistently genuine and true to their word.

Example: I am who I am

Definition: Says what is on their mind.

Example: You look terrible in that dress

Definition: Is so convinced of their own failings that they invite their repetition.

Example: Nothing will ever get any better in my life

Financially dependant
Definition: Depends on others for financial, practical or emotional support, often a spouse or family member.

Example: I don't understand money - Rob takes care of all that

Definition: Works hard to achieve good results in the tasks that they have been given.

Example: Keep your eyes on the prize

Definition: Gives aid or assistance willingly and is of service to others.

Example: How can I help you with that?

Definition: Ready to believe that everyone is telling the truth and has good intentions and that life is simple and fair.

Example: Something will turn up

Definition: Feels pessimitic and put upon often dwelling on this openly.

Example: Everyone is always out to get me

Definition: Unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm.

Example: I want to try something new every couple of months

Sees opportunities
Definition: Always open to doing something new.

Example: This new phone coming out will be great to use for our business

Definition: Wants what they want and doesn't care about the wants and needs of others.

Example: Me, myself and I

Definition: Genuinely believes in what they say and do.

Example: I believe that you can achieve your dreams

Transforms reality
Definition: Has a clear view of their future and is taking action to change their current state to get there.

Example: I know where I am going and these are the steps I'm going to take

Definition: Behaving in a very un-controlled way.

Example: I'm just going to… Actually perhaps I'll… ooh look, someone has posted a video of a cat on Facebook

Definition: Able to make good judgments, based on a deep understanding and experience of life.

Example: Based on my experience I recommend you choose the iPad Pro


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