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Step 1
Do you have a healthy relationship with money?

If money was person how would you describe your relationship with them? Is it a healthy relationship? Does it dominate you, or do you use it to influence and control others?

Do the self-check alongside and see what kind of relationship you have with money?

Ilana Jankowitz

Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and NLP Practitioner

If money was a person, how would you describe your relationship with them? Is it a healthy relationship? Does it dominate you, or do you use it to influence and control others? Do the self-check below and see what kind of relationship you have with money?

Every ‘Yes’ answer shows where you need to improve your relationship with money.

  • Do you ignore or avoid your money challenges?
  • Does your financial reality scare you?
  • Do you let your partner handle all your money issues?
  • Do you feel you’re not worthy of earning or having money?
  • Have you ever taken a vow of poverty, consciously or unconsciously?
  • Do you believe that having money is bad?
  • Do you have a tendency to stay in a place of financial familiarity instead of pursuing opportunities?
  • Do you have difficulty asking for or receiving money?
  • Do you tend to under-spend because of feelings of fear, anxiety or guilt?
  • Do you feel you’re undeserving of buying quality things?
  • Do you experience fear or feel vulnerable because you have money?
  • Do you avoid taking any kind of risk with money?
  • Do you have anxiety when it comes to saving or investing?

Every ‘Yes’ answer shows an over importance of money in your life.

  • Is money a very important focus in your life?
  • Do you tend to accumulate money or things, with a focus on having a lot, rather than having what you need?
  • Do you tend to take excessive risks with money, especially to “make up” for the past?
  • Do you tend to have an irrational belief in your ability to influence events or things which are purely random?
  • Do you gamble to the point that it has a negative impact on your finances?
  • Do you tend to be a workaholic, to prove your self worth to your family or the community?
  • Do you spend more than you can afford?

Every ‘Yes’ answer shows an unhealthy influence money is having in your life.

  • Do you keep money secrets from those who should (or need to) know?
  • Do you use money as a tool to control or manipulate others?
  • Do you involve children in adult financial decisions?
  • Do you tend to overly support others or give in to financial requests?
  • Do you equate money with love?
  • Do you have an unconscious agreement with yourself to not let your children suffer financially?
  • Do you believe that others will take care of your financial matters?
  • Do you rely on others for financial support or assistance?
  • Are you afraid of financial education and/or planning?
  • Do you tend to talk about money in an unhealthy and inappropriate way?
  • Do you teach your children healthy and appropriate money behaviors?

From these questions, I’m sure you’ll agree that money can have a tremendous influence on your life, yet very few people are consciously aware of their relationship with it.

Everyone’s relationship with money starts as a young child and develops through their teenage years, being strongly influenced by their parents and other significant role models in their lives.

By the time we reach adulthood, the money relationship we’ve developed are complex, where the ‘rules of engagement’ are firmly determined by our values and beliefs we’ve developed over the years.

If you’re keen to improve your relationship with money, I’ll do some exercises with you to help you discover what you’ve inherited and learned from your parents. We’ll then explore which beliefs and behaviors are positive and which are challenging. Together, we’ll then redefine the ‘rules-of-engagement’ and set you onto a new and healthy relationship with money.



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