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Are you making good financial decisions?

Once you understand your relationship with money, we can start setting in place the tools you’ll need to make good financial decisions and live a prosperous future.

In the Living your Purpose Exercise, we’ll drill down into what you are doing and what you would be doing if money was not an obstacle.

We look at how money is flowing in and out of your life (budget) and set up a plan to pay off any debts and build a buffer fund for emergencies.

We’ll do a financial spring-clean of your money situation with a new understanding of how your financial decision-making process is impacting your reality.

Throughout this process, you’ll be developing a healthy relationship with money which will empower you to overcome financial challenges and setbacks and unleash the money magician in you.

Next, I’ll help you discover your true purpose as we get clarity on the way forward in your career, relationships with family and friends, your health and spirituality. We’ll set intentions for 6 months to 5 years which we will further develop as we visualize and plan your success.

Client Feedback…

“Anyone who might feel stuck or paralyzed in taking action regarding any sort of problem, especially money related, that they have been struggling to deal with on their own for too long.  They must also be ready to trust Ilana and her intuition as well as their own in order to manifest dynamic changes in their own perspective and give them clarity and power to break free from old, negative behavioral patterns. Ilana is a holistic healer that sees how a healthy mind and body go hand in hand.”  Doris

“I have taken my Christmas holiday to go back and reread Money Magic and discovered even more insight and a deeper understanding how I can change my pattern, my money type to become Money Magician.” Hayat T

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ilana – during my session on inventory and my life passion this morning… I finally had to admit that I was not following my heart and what I was trying to do was not bringing me joy. She has helped to realize that I need to clear the distractions and focus on what I truly and deeply want to achieve.”  Janet G

Ready to get started? Choose From...

Introductory Workshops

These taster sessions will give you an initial awareness of your underlying patterns and behaviours around money.

Individual Coaching

Learn how to take control of the one thing that can completely transform your life! Your relationship with Money.

Couples Coaching

Would you like to develop a healthy relationship around money with your partner?

Group Coaching

You’re not alone, be encouraged as you encourage others in a safe environment!

If you would like to start making Good Financial Decisions, I can help. Reach out to me and lets chat. Email or Message Me