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My Approach

Step 4
Do you have a clear vision and action plan for your success?

With a clear understanding of your true purpose you’re ready to visualize and plan for your success.

We start this process by setting your intentions for the next 6 months to 5 years, which bring to life of on a vision board. Being able to visualize your dreams is a critical step to achieving them, it’s fun and inspiring.

Sample of a Vision Board

Next, we’ll make sure all your goals are SMART, by making them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time based.

As a good friend once said, “no if’s”, “no maybes” and “no buts”, but this does not mean it will be smooth sailing.

The path to our success is seldom as simple as we first imagine it. Instead, it’s filled with unexpected obstacles and ‘adventures’, but if we persist and enjoy the journey, it will all be worth it.

Client Feedback…
“We don’t learn financial education in school, and so we go into the real world with little or no financial roadmap and soon we are making bad financial decisions. Most of us have to educate ourselves on money as adults. If you are not doing anything about educating yourself about the emotional aspect of money issues and the practical day to day managing of it e.g. budgeting etc….. start now!” Freda K

I made 4X what I spent on the coach in less than 6 months (on a side hustle) and it’s just the start. Thank you Ilana Jankowitz. If anyone would like more info to inbox me. Don’t be one of those people who know there is a problem and does nothing about it.” Freda K

“Now I am so excited to step into the New Year like never before. We all set resolutions and goals and let’s be honest, most of us forget them by the third week of January. Today I live my days with clarity and direction. I know what I want, I know where I’m going and I know that I am in control of my financial future.” Wendy V.

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Introductory Workshops

These taster sessions will give you an initial awareness of your underlying patterns and behaviours around money.

Individual Coaching

Learn how to take control of the one thing that can completely transform your life! Your relationship with Money.

Couples Coaching

Would you like to develop a healthy relationship around money with your partner?

Group Coaching

You’re not alone, be encouraged as you encourage others in a safe environment!

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