Introductory Workshops

Introductory Workshops

These taster sessions will give you an initial awareness of your underlying patterns and behaviours around money.

Money Coaching Taster Workshop

In this hour long session you’ll take the Money Quiz and learn about the 8 Money Archetypes looking at your personal blend of Archetypes which are currently active in your personal life and business.

You’ll see which are serving you and which ones you want to change to get more prosperity and purpose in your life.


Money Coaching and Dream Mapping

This longer session combines the Money Coaching taster session with an introduction to the techniques to Visualise and Plan your Success.

The session is more interactive and gives your exercises to do as well as helps you make a start on your own Dream Map


Bring a laptop or iPad and come ready to learn! (Optional)

If you would like to join one of my Introductory Workshop, or would like me to host one for your workplace, group or community Email or Message Me and I’ll let you know when the next one is taking place

Staying focused and implementing the changes is not always easy. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or just need someone to hold you accountable, I’m here for you. For those who feel comfortable with the change and the new focus, I’d suggest joining my Mastermind group where you can get help with practical issues and learn from others in a similar situation to yourself.

Beyond the core – for individuals or couples

Once we start working together, you can be assured that I’ll always be there for you, however, my existing clients always take preference over new clients. Whether it’s a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a reminder of some of the key learning we covered, you can be sure that I’ll always be there for you.

For others, it might just be being held accountable for implementing the action plan we agreed on and not slipping back into old habits.

Practical results that make all difference

As you develop your new, positive relationship with money, you’ll have access to regular check-in sessions and group meetings to share your journey with others. This will allow you to transition into an independent life in a gradual way, knowing there is someone to hold you accountable and to provide you with support when you need it.

Even if you can’t afford it!

Often those who need it most can least afford it. If you find yourself in that situation don’t despair, every month I take on two clients who can’t afford to pay the full price.

Every request is evaluated on its own merits, and you could receive up to an 80% discount if you meet the qualifying criteria. As I can only offer two discounted coaching sessions per month, some qualifying clients may need to wait for 2 to 3 months before starting.

If you need financial assistance in getting started, Email or Message Me.