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Awesome Feedback

Marnita Oppermann

I met Ilana in August as we were both on the same Money Coaching training through the Money Coaching Institute in California. We had a connection, both being South African but also personally. I was Ilana’s practice client towards the end of the 4 month training. I have such respect for her coaching skills. She is naturally intuitive, notices the smallest details that I didn’t even notice and through her I have made so many realisations and had a number of breakthroughs that have made me move forward both in my personal life and in my coaching business. I highly recommend her as a money coach, she is absolute gold!

Deborah Price CEO and Founder of the Money Coaching Institute

Ilana is an excellent coach…I can highly recommend her!

Cathy Miras

I would highly recommend many of my friends, especially those who are monetary challenged. You have given me positive outlook and encouragement. It’s a matter of taking action and making it happen now. The business may not be running yet, however, there is a feeling of assurance and confidence in me at the moment. I am driven and feel very positive about my vision.

Elisabeth Müller

I would very definitely recommend coaching sessions with you, Ilana! You have an acute understanding for people and their problems, a healthy way of analysing a given situation and a very touching way to lead a positive and constructive discussion with your client!

Nicole Grandi

She helped to sort out the things I wanted to reach and then go for it and get it done. She takes her job seriously and is very professional.


“You know a lot about so many things, like when I told you about my energy levels you knew how that could change and helped me. You knew about NLP practices too and that was amazing.”

Fee O’Shea

Your help to me has been, not only so valuable for my progression, but inspiring and has really lifted my spirits out of the doldrums I have been in. You picked up on my personality and my needs so quickly and offered practical advice that has resonated. But not only has the advice be wonderful, you are an absolute delight and I’m blessed that you have come into my life at such a critical point. Thanks

Cristina Moraru

I started coaching with Ilana at a time of big and fast changes in my life, and she’s been a great guide and support through them. Ilana has a holistic approach to her coaching sessions – it starts with your relationship with money, and then understanding this relationship shines light onto aspects of yourself and desires for your larger life goals that you have not been aware of or have ignored. Ilana has a keen intuition of when and how to adjust the program to suit your needs and is very attentive to only do the exercises with you if you are in the right frame of mind. I completed the Core Process and decided to continue my sessions with Ilana – they are always a delight.

Wendy Castano Vega

I would recommend that anyone who is stuck to get in contact with Ilana, her intuition, abundant ideas, and care will guide you through the fear and the pain and you will find you are better equipped to make decisions that you thought you were, you just needed the right teacher, friend, and coach. Ilana is all of that and I’m so honored to have shared with her.

Hellen Otieno

Ilana’s approach to money coaching is both practical and intuitive. She guided me to a greater understanding of myself and transformed my relationship with money for the better. She took me through the process of gaining clarity about where I was in life and to chart a way forward in my life. I am forever grateful to her for being part of this life-changing experience with me.

Nicola Claassens

Dear Ilana as I sit here reflecting on the year I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the care and love you poured into my life in a time of such uncertainty and difficulty. Thank you for going above and beyond and giving me your time and passion. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. May all you gave me to return 10 fold ❤️

Genevieve Richard

Thanks. You gave me the shove I needed to get out of the rut and aim higher than I ever thought I can. I am even coping and doing well with the maths. Which has surprised me the most. I’m in such a different space to the person who you met last year. I’m happy, my finances are slowly resolving themselves, and I’m going to be earning, saving and paying off my debts soon. Which feels great.

Eva Sol Art

Thanks Ilana for the wonderful workshop you offered last week. You definitely nourished my roots of my money behaviour with your explanation of the different money archetypes.  It’s one thing to learn how to make money but another thing to know how to get it to stay in my life. I am so happy you shared your ideas, how you managed the seminar to get the most from it and how to convert it into investments that not only protect my earned income but also expand. As a visual artist especially the idea to do a personal vision board about what financial freedom means to me and how to achieve it at the end of your workshop inspired me to focus more about my money flow patterns in the future. Thanks so much.

Ludmila Mitula

It was an excellent workshop! I learned a lot about myself. Money touches everything in our life. When there is any money issue we stuck, cannot move on”
I absolutely adore working with the vision boards… I did my first vision board during the workshop with Ilana and… I discovered that I’m very creative, artistic and that I need more structures, boundaries in my life.  My new piece of art is hanging in my bedroom already. And because it’s pink and blue, it goes well with the view from the window! And love to sit at my desk because of my vision board